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Total Colloidal Silver® Extra Strength 120 PPM is the most powerful anti-microbial available providing soothing, all-natural relief of acute and chronic sore throat pain. Simply spray, gargle and swallow to experience instant relief. Total Colloidal Silver® Extra Strength goes to the heart of the problem, killing the germs that cause sore and strep throat pain on contact.

No Side Effects
Get instant relief and prevent future sore throats and other infections by using your Total Colloidal Silver® Extra Strength as recommended daily. Colloidal Silver Formulas® by SOLUTIONS IE® are completely natural, safe, taste great, and best of all there are no side effects. Healthy relief is available without a prescription. You can feel confident giving the Colloidal Silver Formulas® to your family as we stand firm behind our 20 year reputation with an unmatched Satisfaction Guarantee. Colloidal Silver Formulas® are sold exclusively on this website –

General Information
To answer general questions such as ‘What is Colloidal Silver?’ or ‘How CS Formulas Work?’ please choose the links to the left under the CS FORMULAS INFO header.

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