Colloidal Silver Plus® 40 PPM

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Safe, effective immune system support

Colloidal Silver Plus
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Avoid the dreaded bug. Colloidal Silver Plus® is a 40 PPM biomedical silver formula offering powerful, immunity enhancing support for you and your family. For over 15 years, SOLUTIONS IE® Colloidal Silver Plus® has been the cornerstone in thousands of medicine cabinets like yours. Available in 4 oz, 8 oz and 16 oz sizes, it is truly the formula to reach for when you want proven efficacy without side effects. When choosing a biomedical silver supplement, safety and efficacy are the only two factors that truly matter.

Colloidal Silver Plus® provides 40 parts per million of uniquely energized silver molecules which are suspended in wetter water; a proprietary micronutrient transport medium that is 43% lower in surface tension, enabling a more rapid penetration through all biological systems. Performing far beyond competing colloidal silvers in its ability to kill disease causing organisms, Colloidal Silver Plus® is the most advanced, and scientifically proven colloidal silver sold today. If you have used and enjoyed the effects of any other colloidal silver, we guarantee you will love the benefit you receive from Colloidal Silver Plus®. Just spray, swish and swallow. Colloidal Silver Plus® has a mild, pleasant taste.

. Keep your family healthy during every season of the year with this proven formula.
. Colloidal Silver Plus® 40 PPM is recommended by doctors in over 15 countries.
. Only Colloidal Silver Plus® has been independently tested for over 20 years and is backed by over 30 patents worldwide.
. Colloidal Silver Plus® has been proven via independent studies to be the most effective biomedical silver available without a prescription.


Dosage Guidelines

Maintenance Dose: Take 5 sprays by mouth 2 - 3 times daily.
Higher Dose: Take 10 sprays by mouth 4 times daily.

For Best Results:

Take SOLUTIONS IE® Colloidal Silver Plus® with Total Zeolite® Extra Strength to cleanse your body of pathogens and toxins.

Purity and Quality Guaranteed:

Colloidal Silver Plus® is produced under strict GMP manufacturing controls in conformance with guidelines for dietary supplements set forth in USP XXVII. For purity and quality, Colloidal Silver Plus® contains no preservatives • no alcohol • no artificial coloring or flavoring. For customer support, please visit call 1 888 234 6863.

Satisfaction Guarantee