Colloidal Silver Facts

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  1. An antibiotic is generally defined as a substance that kills bacteria and other disease causing micro organisms. When determining the effectiveness of any antibiotic we must ask, "How well does it kill?" While other manufacturers dance around this simple fact, is the only manufacturer of colloidal silver that has independent laboratory proof.

  2. Daryl Tichy has been widely published as the world's top colloidal silver expert.

  3. Daryl Tichy is the Vice President of Research and Development of Immunity Enhancement.

  4. Developed by Daryl Tichy, Colloidal Silver Formulas® have been researched and tested for over 30 years.

  5. Colloidal Silver Formulas® are the most powerful, and the only 3rd party laboratory tested, colloidal silver formulas available.

  6. All colloidal silvers are not the same.

  7. Colloidal Silver Formulas® are safe, tested and proven.

  8. Daryl Tichy developed the exclusive colloidal silver formulation that was tested by the UCLA Medical Testing Laboratory in 1992.

  9. Widely published, the results of the 1992 UCLA study showed conclusively that Daryl Tichy's exclusive formulation of colloidal silver was universally the most powerful antibiotic in existence.

  10. Many, if not most, colloidal silver vendors claim Daryl Tichy's UCLA test results as their own, which is false.

  11. Continual research at has resulted in the on-going advancement and effectiveness of the Colloidal Silver Formulas®.

  12. Colloidal Silver Formulas® are sold exclusively through

  13. Colloidal Silver Formulas® are the only colloidal silver sold with easy application spray tops.

  14. If you have enjoyed the result of any competing brand of colloidal silver, we guarantee you will love the performance of the Colloidal Silver Formulas®.

  15. When you are feeling well, it is only because your immune system is healthy. When you get sick, it is only because your immune system is unhealthy.

  16. Adding the Colloidal Silver Formulas® to your daily regimen more than doubles the strength of your immune system within minutes.

  17. Unlike drug based antibiotics, Colloidal Silver Formulas® are completely safe to your normal cells and the friendly bacteria needed by your metabolic processes. However, Colloidal Silver Formulas® are deadly to disease causing organisms.

  18. Keeping your body free of disease-causing organisms is a crucial aspect of staying healthy and young.
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